Intuitive Healing, Astrology, and the Fire in Your Aura

Intuitive Healing, Astrology, and the Fire in Your Aura
Aug 2022


As an energy healer, my approach has always been to look at the stars as a map that we can follow to heal ourselves. No matter

what we see in our natal charts, we can lean on energy healing and a bit of psychology to help us get around issues.

Early on, this holistic view brought up a lot of questions. Where is the energy of the birth chart, is it in the physical body? How do we feel the effect of transits, and is there anything that we can do to soften the edge? And why were so many people focused on Mercury Retrograde? There are lots of planets that need integrating!

My answers to these questions are based on the 2-year healing course at the School of Intuition & Healing in London, as well as the natal charts of healing clients.

My feeling is that the energy of the birth chart is stored in the Aura and specifically in the transpersonal chakras, which take our attention beyond our individual lives, to the collective. These were covered in a previous post called Energy Healing, Chakras, and Planetary Magick, along with a guided meditation. You'll find a summary below. Let's Reach for the Stars! Before we reach for the stars, we need to ground ourselves. The Earth Star Chakra is situated about 12-18 inches below the feet, at the bottom of the Aura. It grounds us in Mother Nature's energy and gives us an energetic escape valve that makes it easier to withstand the ups and downs that can be caused by planetary transits. The Earth Star Chakra comes alive with grounding meditations, crystal healing and nature walks. It also strengthens the Root Chakra, at the base of the spine.

Next we have the Soular (Soul Star) Chakra, which can be found about 6-12 inches above the head, in the Aura. It relates to the soul, past lives and astrology. This is where we develop an intuitive connection with the Solar System; activating the Soular Chakra makes it easier for us to process astrological transits consciously.

The energy of the astrology chart flows through the Soular Chakra, into the spiritual Aura (the outermost layer). If you are not familiar with the Aura, picture a sphere of light around your body. The Aura is an intuitive muscle; it reads your surroundings while projecting your energy and intentions into the world.
Working with the Aura In healing school, we learned that the Aura has many layers. It has one for each of the chakras along the central column (with estimates ranging from 7-12). To keep it simple, our teachers suggested that we divide the Aura into four thick layers:

The physical Aura layer is closest to the body. It relates to our experience of life in the physical world including health, vitality, productivity and grounding. It's red and measures about 2-3 cm; the following layers are threaded into the physical layer. This layer relates to the material world and the physical body. Next is the emotional Aura layer, where we hold and experience feelings and emotions. This part of the energy body reads our surroundings and takes stock of how others feel. If a person is highly sensitive and attuned to feelings, they are likely to have an open emotional layer. It relates primarily to the Sacral Chakra. The mental Aura layer is where we hold thoughts, beliefs and opinions. These can be fluid and changing, or rigid and stubborn. It depends on the Zodiac signs that are active in a person. Thoughts on this level impact our self-esteem. The spiritual Aura layer stores information on past lives, ancestors, and the astrology chart. It is where intuition leads to mystical experiences. We become aware of angels, spirit guides and the guiding light of planets & stars.
The cosmic blueprint is in the spiritual Aura layer; it underpins the rest, as each Aura layer flows through all inner layers until it reaches the physical body. Based on intuitive healing sessions, these layers relate to the Elements & the Zodiac:

Physical Aura: Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Emotional Aura: Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Mental Aura: Air Signs - Libra, Aquarius, Gemini.
Spiritual Aura: Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

The energy of your birth chart is captured by your Soular Chakra, in the spiritual Aura layer, and filters through the inner layers according to your natal chart placements. Let's say a person has Venus in Pisces (Water); that is felt in the Soular Chakra (the cosmic antenna), and it is also felt on a daily basis in the emotional Aura layer. If a person has lots of Water placements, they may need to address that with energy and vibrational healing - likewise if they don't have many. Stimulating the emotional layer adds depth to relationships and bring happiness into our lives, while grounding brings balance. The same goes for the remaining Aura layers and their corresponding Elements and Zodiac Signs.
Energy Healing Tips: There are many ways to balance and integrate the energy of the natal chart:

Grounding yourself in Nature and softening your metaphorical posture will help a ton; trees with deep roots and flexible trunks withstand storms & quakes. Try a simple grounding meditation; visualize tree roots beneath you and breathe deep.
The softening happens when we work with our individual Elements to become less rigid; softening Earth with Water, and burning through rigid Mental (Air) structures with Fire. We can work with the whole Aura, or heal and integrate two layers at a time. Coincidentally, if we think of the Zodiac as six coins with two sides, Fire signs are always paired with Air, sitting opposite each other on the Zodiac wheel. Earth signs are always paired with Water Signs. For example, if a person has the Sun or Venus in Pisces, we'd ground it in Earth to balance it.
Vibrational remedies can help us soften transits and natal placements. There were covered in a previous post: A Do-It-Yourself-Astrological Pharmacy. Ready to Get Started? Join me on Instagram for meditation to heal and balance your planets (HERE). Ideally, you'd have knowledge of your natal chart, but it isn't entirely necessary.

* Note: Energy healing is complementary to medical care, not alternative.
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