Dec 2020

Copper (copper) is a physical element. Its sign is Cu (English - Copper). It has an atomic number of 29 and an atomic weight of 63.5. It is a ductile metal used primarily as a conductor of electricity.
Copper occupies a prominent place in the history of human civilization because in ancient times, the earliest metals and alloys used by humans are copper and bronze (which consist of copper and tin).
Copper metal is the conductor of electricity and heat. In this conductivity category, it comes second after silver. It has a redness-like glow. It does not normally react with water but slowly combines with the aqueous agent to form oxides. But completely different from rusting in iron, its oxide forms a layer over the metal that prevents its further oxidation. This layer can also be seen on the Statue of Liberty .
Copper is a major metal used in our life. Copper is considered a medicinal metal. It is a conductor of electricity and is full of fire element. It deals with Mars and Sun in astrology. It controls the body's pitta and vata. Copper is used a lot in worship and other functions.
How does copper affect our bodies and planets?
- The body is purified by the use of copper
- Simultaneously, all the poison is released from the body.
- It strengthens Mars and heals blood
- Also it strengthens the sun and increases the enthusiasm
- It makes the digestive system quite good
- relieves stomach problems
How to use copper?
- Wear copper rings in the ring finger
- This makes both sun and moon strong
- Self-confidence, courage and health grow
- It improves the problem of navel and hormones.
- Wearing copper coin around the neck prevents accidents
- By drinking water of copper vessel, the body is poison free.
- Relieves stomach problems
What are the precautions of using copper?
- The purer the copper is, the better it will be
- Mixing gold with copper is even better to wear
- If you use copper utensils, keep cleaning them regularly.
- People who have anger problem should wear copper after thinking
- Tamba is always auspicious for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
- Tamba is not very favorable for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
- Tamba is simple for other zodiac signs.